An excellent Battery Status for your Ubuntu Laptop (not exclusively)

Joao Silva
1 min readJul 22, 2022


I recently revived one of my older MacBooks ( an early 2013 13" pro ) by installing Ubuntu 20.04 to it.

We are dealing with an older laptop, still running on its original battery; because of that, I decided to look for a terminal program that would provide me with the kind of information I like to get from a terminal app, and with the "sci-fi" look I am keen to have as much as possible (but still being lightweight )

I found this tiny jewel to add to my "top" commands collection (btop, htop, duf, etc.).

You can visit the releases page ( and get the correct version.

I am running 64bit Ubuntu on an intel mac from 2013, so I picked up this one:

All you have to do afterwards is to install the binary in the right place. I will leave you here my example:

# sudo install ./battop-* /usr/local/sbin/battopc

Then just run it by typing the command "battop". Here is the result:

battop running on Ubuntu

Enjoy :)



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